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The Journey Behind My Mission to

Holistic Family Wellness

From Personal Struggle to Passionate Support. My Journey to Holistic Well-Being.

As an older first-time mom blessed with twins, my initiation into motherhood was uniquely challenging. I faced health complications both during and post-pregnancy. Yet, even with these hurdles, an epiphany struck — the profound need to be holistically present for my children. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually too.

The twists and turns of parenthood over the next few years, compounded by the special needs of my children, both on the autism spectrum, made our wellness journey a collective family endeavor. It wasn’t just about me anymore; it was about creating an environment where health and well-being became our family mantra. Every day is about advocacy, addressing issues with resilience, and seeking the core of our challenges. In championing our health, I found a deeper purpose — to inspire and guide other families on their wellness journeys.

“Sometimes, transformation isn’t about a dramatic before-and-after snapshot. It’s about the internal shifts, the ones that change our mindset and, in turn, touch the hearts of those around us.”

– Janel Stewart

Embracing Life’s Ebb and Flow

Life has a peculiar way of throwing curveballs at us when we least expect it. My story is no exception. While there weren’t any dramatic life-altering events, there were countless moments of self-realization, growth, and resilience that paved the way to my becoming a holistic family wellness coach.

Imagine the joys of motherhood suddenly overshadowed by debilitating health issues. Visualize nights filled with worry over back-to-back mystery illnesses that affected my twins. Picture the marital stress and disconnect it began to cause. Add to this mix the challenges of navigating the world of autism.

Now layer on self-doubt, external judgment, and a relentless pattern of prioritizing everyone and everything above my own well-being, letting self-care slip through the cracks. This was my life, a complex tapestry of emotions, pain, and uncertainty. But every struggle came with a lesson, and for me, a profound one emerged: our well-being is deeply interconnected, with the body, mind, and spirit acting in tandem.

In the middle of these challenges, just as all clouds have their silver lining, I refused to give up or to give in. I simply recognized a truth: I couldn’t be the rock my family needed unless I fortified my own foundation first. This transformative realization spurred a commitment to holistic well-being. Not just a fleeting change, but a deep, enduring shift that resonated within and extended outward, touching the lives of those around me.

The Wellness Odyssey

Balancing personal well-being while advocating for my children’s health has been an odyssey. Seeking root causes, exploring holistic treatments, and integrating wellness into our daily routines became not just a mission but a passion. These endeavors, filled with trial and error, successes and setbacks, carved out my unique niche. It became clear that my journey wasn’t just personal; it was a testament to every parent, every individual striving for holistic family wellness.

Sharing the Wisdom of Holistic Family Wellness

Through all the highs and lows, I’ve come to realize that our experiences aren’t just our own. They’re lessons, stories, and inspirations for others. With every challenge I overcame, with every new understanding I gained, I felt a growing urge to share, to reach out, and to guide. It’s this very essence of sharing and empowering that led me to become a holistic wellness coach, allowing me to bridge my personal journey with the aspirations of countless others seeking balance, health, and harmony in their lives.

Educated Guidance

While my journey to wellness began with personal experiences, I solidified my passion with formal education. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’ve equipped myself with the necessary knowledge and tools to guide others effectively. My training allows me to combine heartfelt empathy with evidence-based approaches, ensuring that my guidance isn’t just rooted in personal understanding, but also in proven methodologies.

My path to holistic family wellness isn’t marked by a single dramatic event, but by a myriad of personal challenges and triumphs. Each experience, subtle or profound, drew me closer to the balance and health I yearned for. Today, I am honored to share the wisdom of my journey, offering guidance to families seeking the same harmony.

Now that we’ve mucked through the deep stuff, let’s pause here and I’ll share some lighter tidbits about me!

Musical Endeavors

At the ripe age of 35, I took up the violin. My weekly lessons were humorously sandwiched between a prodigious 5-year-old and a 7-year-old virtuoso. They might’ve been more skilled, but I wear my ability to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with pride!

History Buff

The ancient world captivates me. From forgotten cultures to intricate belief systems, I’ve always been enthralled. As a child, I dreamed of donning the hat of Indiana Jones, with one slight alteration: I adore snakes!

Homesteading Dreams

I aspire to run a hobby farm, embracing the philosophy of regenerative homesteading. Nourishing oneself with what you’ve grown, understanding life through tangible experiences – it’s a dream I hope to pass on to my children, a departure from our increasingly digital existence.

Bookish Delights

My heart belongs to epic fantasy novels. While my current reads lean more towards nonfiction, throw in an elf, a dragon, and an enthralling quest, and I’m transported to another realm. For days!

Forest Lover

Vacation destination? Forests. There’s something profoundly serene about being surrounded by trees that began their life journey ages before mine. I’ve lost hours just quietly watching the branches sway.

Artistic Flair

From writing (you might’ve noticed!) to sketching, painting, and woodworking, my hands are happiest when they’re creating. There’s a piece of furniture out there with my name on it, waiting to be crafted.

Are you ready for Positive Change?

Paving a Path to Collective Well-Being

At the heart of my practice is a core belief: the well-being of an individual cascades to those around them.

When a parent thrives – physically, mentally, and spiritually – the entire family feels the uplift. This isn’t just about individual health; it’s about nurturing an environment that fosters collective wellness and resilience.

Physical Health
When parents are mindful of their nutrition, maintain a healthy weight, and stave off lifestyle diseases, it sends a strong message. Children, in their innate observational nature, absorb these habits, laying down the foundation for their own lifelong health.

Mental and Emotional Health
By finding balance, managing stress, and cultivating a positive outlook, parents become beacons of stability and hope in their homes. Children growing up in such environments learn resilience, emotional intelligence, and the power of a positive mindset.

Spiritual Health
There’s undeniable power in understanding one’s purpose, reigniting passions, and connecting with something greater than oneself. It introduces a sense of wonder, gratitude, and depth to life, elements that children pick up on, shaping their worldviews and aspirations.

My Vision
By empowering a single parent, I believe we’re setting into motion a chain reaction of positive change. This isn’t just about individual transformation; it’s about reshaping families, communities, and future generations. It’s about planting seeds of wellness, love, and understanding, watching them grow into a forest of well-being.

Through my guidance and the tools I offer, I dream of a world where every parent realizes their potential to be the linchpin of positive change, not only for themselves but for their loved ones and the broader community.