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Creating a Foundation for Health

Parents Leading by Example, Families Thriving Together

Oh Hey! I’m Janel.

Your integrative nutrition health coach, and I’m on a mission to revitalize your well-being so you can shine for your family!

You know how it is – as parents, our well-being directly impacts the environment we create for our children. It’s not just about keeping them healthy and happy but ensuring we are thriving too. That’s a responsibility I deeply resonate with.

I advocate strongly for self-care, not just as a feel-good phrase but as an essential practice. Because when you’re at your peak – mentally, physically, and emotionally – the benefits naturally flow down to your children. Think about it, we must nourish our roots to see the blossoms.

While the journey of parenting influences our children’s lives, it’s imperative that we, as parents, don’t lose sight of our health. This philosophy has always been at the core of my passion for supporting families like yours. By investing in our own wellness, we indirectly chart the course for our children’s long-term health.

Imagine a life where you champion your health, setting a stellar example for your children, and nurture their growth while ensuring your cup is always full.

You deserve to prioritize yourself. Not just for your children but for the fulfilling life you’re entitled to. Ready to take that leap?

Discover the perfect program for you and take the first step toward holistic wellness for your entire family.

Excited to embark on this journey with you,


A photo of Janel Stewart, a provider of health coaching for parents.

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Why Health Coaching?
Why Now?

Unlocking your fullest potential starts with understanding the transformative power of health coaching for parents, especially when you’re juggling the multifaceted role as a Mom or Dad, or both!

You’re a parent, and that’s a full-time job in itself. Your days are packed with responsibilities, from school runs to meal prep, from helping with homework to planning family activities. With so much going on, it’s easy to put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list. But what if I told you that prioritizing your well-being isn’t just a boon for you—it’s a long-term investment in your family’s happiness?

What is Health Coaching?
At its core, health coaching is a partnership—a supportive, relationship focused on setting attainable wellness goals and devising actionable steps to achieve them. Think of a health coach as a wellness guide, motivational expert, and accountability partner all rolled into one.

Why Parents Need Health Coaching
As parents, you play a myriad of roles: caregiver, teacher, counselor, and so much more. Each of these roles demands energy, patience, and resilience—qualities that can be significantly enhanced by optimizing your health. Moreover, by prioritizing your wellness, you naturally encourage your children to do the same.

My Approach to Health Coaching for Parents
I practice holistic health coaching tailored specifically for parents. In my programs, we don’t just focus on exercise plans or diet charts; we explore the emotional and psychological facets of well-being. Together, we’ll address your unique challenges and circumstances, creating a personalized roadmap to invigorate your life, thereby benefiting the entire family.

My coaching isn’t just about the food on your plate or the minutes you clock in exercise. It’s about reconnecting with yourself and developing the habits that help you become the best version of you.

Ready to Transform Your Life?
Health coaching is more than a service; it’s a commitment to yourself and, by extension, to the family you love and care for. Ready to make well-being a family affair? Discover how my programs can make a difference in your life.

“Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy, and spirit you possess or takes away from it.”

– Ann Wigmore