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Opening the Door to Support & Transformative Health

Janel Stewart, INHC
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Wayfinders Wellness LLC
Franklin, TN

Email: he***@wa****************.com
Phone: (615) 920-1303

Navigating the complexities of our own personal health, and parenting, often feels like a solo journey, but it doesn’t have to be when you connect with a family health coach.

Just as I myself have learned, inviting guidance into our lives can unlock potentials we never imagined – the joy of reclaimed time, unforgettable moments with our family, and a reenergized spirit.

Whether you’re grappling with physical health issues, stress, or any other challenges that disrupt your state of well-being, remember that reaching out to a family health coach is a courageous act. Every step you take toward better health not only uplifts you but casts a radiant glow on your loved ones, especially your children.

Let’s start on this journey together.

Share your questions, your hopes, your worries. Let’s explore how I can guide you and your family to a thriving path of well-being.

Reach out to me right here!

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