Yes! Let's Do This!

Your Voice is Key to Building My Upcoming Wellness Program.

Your journey and your story are unique—and they hold the power to inspire change.

Hello Amazing Parents!

I’m crafting something new and exciting—a wellness program designed to address the unique challenges we face in nurturing ourselves alongside our family's health.

Your experiences in this area are invaluable to me, and your input could be the cornerstone of this new adventure!

Thank you for considering sharing your insights with me—I truly appreciate your willingness to contribute.

I'm on the lookout for moms and dads who:

  • Have young children at home.
  • Find themselves juggling the demands of parenting while trying to maintain their own health and wellness.
  • Have felt the nudge to search for 'signs of burnout' as a busy parent.
  • Wish for a healthier family lifestyle but aren't sure how to kickstart the journey.
  • Are looking for realistic, holistic approaches to improve family well-being but are daunted by the process.

If you're nodding along, I would be thrilled to hear from you!

Here's how our chat will unfold:

  1. Once you complete the form, I’ll reach out to you via email or phone to schedule our session.
  2. We'll have an insightful 20-minute discussion on your current experiences, which will immediately be followed by a personalized 30-minute health coaching session to address a challenge you’re facing.
  3. Your feedback will directly inform the creation of a wellness program tailored to parents like us—real, honest, and practical.

This isn’t just a conversation; it's the beginning of transformation.

Your time is precious, and so are your thoughts. Share them with me, and let's make something amazing, together.

~ Janel Stewart
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach for Parents